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The best superheroine videos on the net!

Now in 640 X 480 resolution!!.

Blue Angel MiniVid 1!Blue Angel MiniVid 1
The first in our series of MiniVids AND our first video in 640 X 480 resolution! This video is the best of the rest from the shoot we did that produced the Heroine Knockouts 1 and Heroine Roundup videos. Featuring Keri and Anna as two heroines, originally this video was supposed to be the continuation of The Initiation. The Mighty Hypnotic had taken Blue Angel Keri back to his lair for some more reprogramming. Blue Angel Anna tracked Keri through the signal on her multicom.. The scene in the middle was a scene we had shot where both girls had been hypnotized to battle each other. Just the battle scene is shown here. The remainder of the video has the girls trading a few knockouts. These videos are being made available by popular demand, I will be putting out all the old material in this form.
    640x480 - 9:40 - 100 meg. - $6.99

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