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Rookie Angels 1 Featuring Becky Lesabre, Madison Scott and Renna Ryan
Rookie Angels 1
20:03 - $18.99

The seductress has decided to start capturing some Blue Angels for her collection, and the new Angel rookies decide they are going to make her pay! She captures Blue Angel Becky with a captivating scent then subjects her to the cloth for good measure. Once she is out, Seductress decides to have some fun, with her new captive, that is, until the rookie wakes up. Not one to be captured easily, Seductress manages to dose the rookie with a hypnotic dust that puts the young heroine under Seductress' power. It's not long before her partner comes looking for her. When B.A. Madison finds them, she confronts the Seductress about her activities, only to be captured by her enslaved partner! The two heroines are now the unwitting playthings of the Seductress! Who will come rescue them? Only time will tell!
Part 1 of 2.
Starring: Madison Scott, Becky LeSabre, Renna Ryan

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