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Spell Of The Seductress 2!
Spell Of The Seductress 2!
$12.99 - 22:24
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Sola Girl, now under the spell of the Seductress, contacts her partner Luna Star, to meet up with her so they can discuss their next mission.
Luna Star is completely unaware of SolaGirl's transformation and soon she is captured by SolaGirl paralyzing SolaBlast!
Solar Girl tells Luna Star that she will love being evil and then KO's her. When she awakens, she is tied to the bed and SolaGirl uses a forced orgasm to weaken her partner and then captivates her with her hypnotic crystal!
Soon Luna Star is under her power and joins Sola Girl as an evil villainess!

Enter KnightWoman and Robyn to try and put a stop to these two new villainesses. However they too get captured and subject to forced orgasms and hypnosis and soon they are under the same spell! Who will rescue all these heroines???

Models: Charlie Laine, Cali Logan, Emily Addison, Lexi

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