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Rookie Mistake!
Rookie Mistake!
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Blue Angel recruit Keri is hot on the trail of the nefarious Mighty Hypnotic and thinks she has tracked him down...but the villain seems to have alluded her. Suddenly she is ambushed from behind... Mighty Hypnotic throws the surprised Angel to the bed...but Keri is quick to retaliate. She punches him, catching him off guard and climbs on top of him. She continues punching away...but is surprised by Mighty's next trick...a sleep inducing rag! Keri fights to keep the cloth from her face...but is overpowered by Mighty and the fumes begin sapping her strength!

Once she is resting peacefully...Mighty focuses his attention on the sleepy superheroine's shiny, nylon encased feet. He rubs and kisses Keri's petite feet and toes. He decides he should get some rope to subdue the heroine and leaves her unattended.

The groggy heroine slowly awakes...but is soon pounced on once again by Mighty and she is quickly sent back to dreamland. Mighty goes to work tying up Keri's feet. With her pretty peds in bondage, Mighty then goes back to worshiping his captured prey's feet. After having his fun...he leaves the helpless Angel bound on the bed.

Keri awakes again and unties herself...but before she can even think of her next move...she is blindsided by the charging Hypnotic! Again, they struggle on the bed, but Keri knows not to underestimate the powerful villain's strength. She kicks and punches him and finally staddles his back...catching him in a choke hold. He manages to struggle free and grabs Keri's arms...immobilizing her for his next surprise!

From out of nowhere, Mighty's henchgirl, Mistress Jade jumps behind the unsuspecting Angel and wraps another chemically charged rag over her mouth. The shocked Keri tries to hold her breath, but is finally forced to inhale...and the fumes take their toll once again.

Mighty thanks Jade for her assistance with the fiesty heroine...and rewards Jade with some "alone time" with Keri and her beautiful feet. Jade starts to enjoy herself immediately...taking Keri's foot into her mouth...licking and sucking on her toes and soles. Jade is in heaven and even begins rubbing at the crotch of her own unitard as her foot fetish lust overcomes her. She marvels at Keri's powerful, toned legs as she kisses up and down her thighs and calves. She finally plants a kiss on the sleeping superheroine, and leaves her for later.

If Keri is able to escape the evil duo's grasp...at least she will have learned from her rookie mistake: Never assume the villain is working alone!

This is a MUST SEE video for all of you foot worship fans!

Models: Keri Spectrum, Jade Indica

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