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Mighty Hypnotic vs. The Power Angels
Mighty Hypnotic vs. The Power Angels
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The Power Angels have tracked down Mighty Hypnotic and think they have him cornered this time! But...the clever villain has a trick up his sleeve. Before the Angels can make a move, Mighty plays a hypnotic soundtrack for the heroines which slowly begins taking over their minds and bodies.

Mighty instructs the Power Angels to let the soothing music relax them as they gently begin swaying to the sounds in the room. Comfortable they are no longer a threat, Mighty Hypnotic tells the Angels to turn around and display their sexy spandex covered asses for him. They have no choice but to comply, as the hypnotic beat of the music clouds their judgement. He then instructs the helpless heroines to dance sexily for him...and to run their hands all over each other's bodies. The girls comply as they writhe and gyrate to the music.

Satisfied they are fully under his control, Mighty commands the Angels to get on the bed and face him. He tells them there is a vibra-wand on the bed...and it would please him if they all took turns using it to cum for him. "Yes, master" the Angels say in unison as they get into position. Mighty selects the little Red Power Angel to go first.

The Blue Angel takes control of the Hitachi as the Yellow and Pink Power Slaves get Red into position. The vibrating wand finds its mark and the Red Angel is soon on the brink of an intense orgasm. "I'm cumming!" she squeals as waves of pleasure overtake her. Mighty is pleased, and requests the Pink Angel go next.

The Pink Power Angel gets into position as the Blue Angel's perfect ass is thrust outward as she places the vibrator on her friend's lycra clad labia. She grinds against the wand as Mighy Hypnotic instructs her to feel the powerful sensations on her pussy. She cannot resist the incessant buzzing any longer...she announces she is going to cum as her back arches off the bed.

"Excellent performance, my Pink slave" Mighty says, and then orders the Yellow super slut to go next. His slave takes her place under the vibrating wand as the Pink Angel returns the favor...rubbing the Hitachi up and down her vulnerable pussy. Yellow screams out "I'm Cumming!" as her whole body shutters in an explosive climax!

Mighty is enjoying the show and selects the Blue Angel for the finale. She has been aroused watching her crimefighting cohorts have all the fun, and she eagerly spreads her long sexy legs as the Red Angel finds her sweet spot. "Tell me you are going to cum for me", Mighty says, "I want to hear you say it"...and the Blue Angel has no choice but to comply. The Yellow Angel helps to apply pressure on the wand, and this sends the Blue Power Angel over the edge as she has a mind numbing orgasm.

Mighty marvels at his slave's delight and rewards them by turning back on the hypnotic soundtrack and commanding them to make out for him with an evil laugh. The girls are more than happy to do his bidding. The heroines share long passionate kisses and caresses as the clip comes to a close.

Models: Charlie Laine, Cali Logan, Emily Addison, Lexi

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