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Power Angels 2
Power Angels 2
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Mighty has his diabolical sights set on the Power Angels once again! He captures the red ranger in his lair and uses his special ray to weaken her powers. Once entranced, he forces the helpless heroine to cum and seals her fate as his willing minion. He orders her to capture the Pink Power Angel.

Now watching from the safety of his inner chamber, Mighty observes his new slave capturing the pink ranger. He commands her to worship her feet and ass. Red Angel then binds her wrists and ankles and forces the Pink Power Angel to cum and join the dark side. He commands them both to lure the Yellow ranger into a trap next.

Yellow Power Angel enters the lair and finds her two crimefighting cohorts zoned out sitting side by side. Before she can figure out whats happening, the two rangers attack her and force her to submit to Mighty's evil plans. They worship her feet and then complete their mission by forcing her to orgasm and join them on Mighty's team of transformed superheroines!

Mighty then orders his new stable of slaves to get topless for him and make out. The girls are happy to comply and begin kissing and fondling each other. They soon fall into a peaceful slumber at the hands of their new master.

Will the Blue Power Angel be able to save them? Stay tuned!

Models: Kobe Lee, Jade Indica, Cali Logan

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