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Wonder Womyn vs. Onyx!
Wonder Womyn vs. Onyx!
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Wonder Womyn has been hot on the trail of the villainous vixen Onyx The Enchantress, and has finally tracked her down to her Arkham Heights penthouse lair. She confronts Onyx, who resists her attempts at capture, and a stuggle ensues. Soon, the mystical Onyx has the upper hand and subdues the Amazon Princess. She takes time to worship the heroine's sexy pantyhose clad feet and toes, before removing her Lasso of Truth and leaves Wonder Womyn resting comfortably.

Later, Wonder Womyn awakens only to find her lasso is missing. She vows to not let Onyx get away again so easy. Onyx re-enters her lair and is surprised to see the Arkham Avenger has revived so soon. Wonder Womyn grabs the spandex covered seductress, but Onyx quickly produces a stun stick and plunges it into the amazon's vulnerable stomach!

Heavy jolts of electricity course through Wonder Womyn as the high voltage tazer saps her strength... as Onyx pushes her limp body to the bed. She then taunts the fallen heroine about the surprise she has in store for her next!

Wonder Womyn later finds herself tied up in an expert and humiliating spread eagle bondage tie. With her legs pulled up high, exposing her vulnerable pussy to attack, and her hands tightly bound...the princess is forced to squirm and strugggle as she tries to break free from her bonds. Onyx re-enters and admires her rope work, and teases the helpless superheroine who is now caught in her trap. She runs her gloved hands all over Wonder Woman's long, stretched out legs...kissing and sucking on her new plaything's luscious toes and soles. Wonder Womyn protests, but is no match for the strict tie she finds herself in.

Onyx produces a vibra wand...and after unclasping Wonder Womyn's star spangled leotard, she goes to work on her nylon covered crotch! She finds the amazon's sweet spot and swirls the vibrator over her clit. Wonder Womyn fights valiantly to keep her dignity...but slowly succumbs to a mind numbing forced orgasm at the hands over her captor.

Onyx now has the humiliated superheroine right where she wants her...forcing her to admit she enjoyed her spectacular climax. Onyx unties her and now wants to make Wonder Womyn her personal slave! She takes out her entrancement globe and turns it on...the glowing lights soon have Wonder Womyn mesmerized. Once under her spell, Onyx commands her new slave to worship her body.

Wonder Womyn mounts the black bodystockinged beauty and begins kissing and groping her perfect tits. She them turns her attention to her mistress's feet, and willingly kisses, licks and sucks on her beautiful arches and toes.

After her foot worship, the very pleased Onyx subdues Wonder Womyn once again and set off into the night... to use Wonder Womyn's own lasso to get access codes to the Arkham Central Bank vault!

To be continued....

Models: Hannah Perez, Kenna Valentina

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