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Spider In A Harem
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SpiderGrrl arrives at the lair of Harem Girl, thinking that Harem Girl has decided to surrender. Unfortunately for the sexy superheroine, Harem Girl has other plans. Harem Girl begins her sexy, entrancing dance and Spidergirl cannot keep her eyes away, no matter how hard she tries.

It's not long before SpiderGrrl is drawn into the Harem Girl's dance. With one kiss, Harem Girl knocks out the red haired beauty and has a little fun with her too until she awakens demanding to know what's going on...

But Harem Grrl has SpiderGrrl right where she wants her and with a couple more pheromone kisses, Spidergrrl's will starts to crumble. 

Eventually, Harem Grrl turns SpiderGrrl to the dark side, along with her very own look alike costume!  The now two harem girls enjoy each others company, but it's not long before Harem Girl #2, formerly knowns as SpiderGrrl, regains her senses and tries to weakly take control of her mind again. But Harem Grrl cannot and will not let that happen. 

What will become of SpiderGrrl???


Please note this was a custom request done a few years ago. It's mainly a lot of pheromone kissing, a superheroine getting weak and some light fondling, kissing and worship. The parts are WELL acted by both Kendra and Veronica, especially during the mental struggle of the transformation. 

Pheromone Kisses, unmasking, softcore , Costume change, Transformation, foot worship

Models: Kendra James, Veronica Ricci

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