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The Perils Of Gamma Girl 3
$14.99 - 20:12
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The Mighty H is up to his old tricks yet again! He goes after Gamma Girl to make her his slave and sometimes when you go looking for trouble you find it in form of a young, plucky sidekick who wants a piece of you! Gamma Girl does her best to overcome her foe, wrestling him and putting various holds on him.

She clearly has the upper hand and is handling herself well when all of a sudden MH pulls a dirty trick and clamps a rag across her mouth and nose! Soon she is out like a light and MH has a chance to fully inspect his prey...especially her feet, posing and playing with them.  When she awakes, her feet are tied and she is clearly not happy to be put in that predicament! MH decides she needs a little attitude adjustment and pulls out his trusty medallion. 

Soon Gamma Girl is pledging her allegiance to her new master.  MH decides to reinforce this loyalty with a couple of orgasms for Gamma Girl!

Once she is spent MH uses his magic rag one more time and puts her to sleep while he escapes to go capture Omega Woman!

Models: Dakota Charms

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