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Harem Girl: Blue Angel Trapped!
Harem Girl: Blue Angel Trapped!
$15.99 - 22:00
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Jayden Cole stars as a Blue Angel who infiltrates a secret hideaway only to discover it belongs to the infamous Harem Girl!

Angela Sommers as Harem Girl starts to perform her mesmerizing dance to a defiant Blue Angel but soon the Angel's resistance starts to crumble and Harem Girl is able to ensnare her with a mind altering kiss...

Soon the Harem Girl has the Blue Angel under her spell and commands her to dance with her...after some time, the Blue Angel is ragged to sleep and when she awakes, she has been bound!
Harem Girl plays with Blue Angel and forces her to orgasm. Onnce that happens its another trip to Dreamland for the Blue Angel!

Models: Jayden Cole, Angela Sommers

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