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Controlled By Nylons 1, Featuring Hollywood and Francesca Le
Controlled By
Nylons 1!
20:41 - $18.99

Available in 1280 X 720 HD! (Standard def also available)

Wonder Womyn and Wonder Le of the Wonder Force decide to square off to see who is the strongest. Wonder Womyn is full of confidence as she challenges Wonder Le, and proceeds to dominate the battle. Wonder Womyn takes the upper hand with ease, alternately toying and then destroying her opponent. She succumbs Wonder Le to torturous kicks and punches to the body, knocking her out at will with her lethal leg scissors and sleeper holds. Wonder Le has had enough of getting beat and also Wonder Womyns trash talk so she places a call and order a special set of nylons. Presenting them to Wonder Womyn as a gift to show there are no hard feelings, the girls decide to go one more round. Only this time, Wonder Womyn is shocked when her legs suddenly start to lose their strength, losing her grip on what should have been yet another easy leg scisssor KO. Wonder Le quickly turns the tables and soon the powerful Wonder Womyn pays a visit to Slumberland. Once she recovers, she figures out quickly that something is wrong, but she isn't given a chance to remove her nylons, Wonder Le is there once again, pummeling the amazon beauty! Wonder Womyn takes multiple kicks and punches to her midsection, endures foot smothers and head punches until she is once again knocked out by Wonder Le! Once awake,she attempts to confront her foe but Wonder Le whips out a remote and is able to control the action of Wonder Womyns tights-clad legs! Will Wonder Womyn ever break free of Wonder Le's control? Only one way to find out!

Models: Hollywood, Francesca Le.

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