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Tickled Heroines 2 - Pt. 1-Prowlers Ambush!, Featuring Tomiko and Amo
Tickled Heroines 2
Pt. 1
Prowlers Ambush!
10:20 - $7.99

Available in 1280 X 720 HD! (Standard def also available)

The Prowler decides to pack it in and contacts Wonder Tomi to handld her surrender. Wonder Tomi shows up and it's clear she means business and is not ready for any of The Prowlers games or fake niceties. It doesn't take long for The Prowler to reveal her true plan, an ambush that soon leaves the Amazon flat on her back. Once awake, Wonder Tomi is drugged to keep her from fighting back and soon The Prowler is tickling Wonder Tomi relentlessly as payback for all the times she has been captured and sent to jail! Tomi endures all the tickle torture she can handle, on her feet, the inside of her thighs, her torso... until she finally pleads for The Prowler to stop. But be careful what you wish for. The Prowler finally DOES stop, but only to send poor Wonder Tomi to dreamland once again..

Models: Tomiko, Amo.

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