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Tickled Heroines 2 - Pt. 2-WOnder Tomi's Revenge!, Featuring Tomiko and Amo
Tickled Heroines 2
Pt. 2
Wonder Tomi's
9:44 - $7.99

Available in 1280 X 720 HD! (Standard def also available)

The Prowler comes back to have more fun with Wonder Tomi, but she has managed to escape! Tomi confronts The Prowler and quickly takes charge of the situation, and even though it goes against her ethics, subjects The Prowler to a taste of her own clothy medicine. The Prowler wakes to find herself wrapped with Wonder Tomi's golden lasso, and soon the truth is out, her weakness is that she is ticklish! Soon Wonder Tomi has The Prowler herself squirming under Wonder Tomi's fingers as she is tickled by her feet, torso and arms. She pleads with Wonder Tomi to stop, and finally she does, with anohther strong dose of The Prowlers rag. Wonder Tomi strikes a victory pose and leaves The Prowler for the police.

Contains some bonus KO clips.

Models: Tomiko, Amo.

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